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How to avail Senior Citizen 50 percent concession on Air India flight ticket bookings

Recently, there have big news about 50 percent concession (reduction) on Air India flight ticket bookings for Indian Senior Citizens.  This is to share my recent learnings in this regard from interaction with Air India customer care.

You can refer to: Senior Citizen Concession Discount: 50% of Basic fare on select booking classes in Economy cabin


Myself:  Can you help me book tickets under senior citizens 50 percent concession fare benefit?

Air India Customer Care: You can avail this benefit directly from > Book Flight > Selecting “Yes” to Would you like to avail of Domestic Concession? >   Choosing “Senior Citizen” from the dropdown as shown below


Myself:  While customer care is on call, I quickly checked the price with and without Senior Citizen concession options.  Noticed there is hardly Rs. 100 difference.  I asked, it should be 50 percent concession and not just the Rs. 100, right?

Air India Customer Care: Sir, the concession gets automatically calculated and its available only for certain selected booking classes (seats or classes of service). You can only get concession price whatever that is shown on the website.  However, this involves more checks and proofs to be carried if you avail the concession.  Since the difference is only Rs 100, I suggest you to go ahead and book in general tickets (without selecting the concession).

Myself:  Thanks for the info, bye.

I have booked tickets without any concession as suggested by them.  However, after a few week days I checked the prices again for our return journey and this time choosing the Senior Citizen concession made Rs. 500 difference.

The lesson learnt is the discount of 50 percent senior citizens concession is a dynamic value and you’ll always check them on the Air India website.

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